Concealed Carry and Force On Force Training Information

Thank you for deciding to attend my upcoming CHP Course.  Unlike most CHP courses, you will not recieve a certificate in my class for simply attending the classroom discussion. While instructors are permitted to teach simple classes like this in Colorado we must understand that this in no way prepares us for real world physical altercations you may encounter. Will you be a responsibility or a liability?

What will the range portion of this class entail?

Safety brief
Medical plan
Proper gear selection and placement
Accuracy Drills, recoil control techniques
Loading techniques
Accuracy and Speed Shooting
Weapon Hand / Alternate hand Shooting Drills
Movement Drills
Shooting from downed positions
Multiple target tracking

It is highly recommended you shoot this course with the gun you plan on using for concealed carry/or duty belt if law enforcement.

Required Equipment:
A functional and practical handgun chambered in .22, 9mm, .40 cal, or .45 ACP.
Quality Holster
Hearing Protection, electronic is preferred.
Wrap around style eye protection.
If available, a spare weapon system is also an excellent idea.
A minimum of 300-400 rounds of pistol ammunition.

Feel free to bring any food, snacks, and drinks for the classroom periods and during range time.

Also, please check the weather forcast prior to your class. Wear weather appropriate clothing.  Remember, bad guys train everyday, we can't let a little weather stop us.

DO NOT BRING AMMUNITION IN THE CLASROOM!!! There will not be any live ammunition, loaded magazines, or live weapons allowed in the classroom.  Please leave all ammunition and firearms in your cars during the morning classroom portion. 

I am looking forward to working with you! Please be open minded and willing to learn. " Be a free thinking tactician"!   

Cost: $175.00
Call today to reserve your spot in the class.
Private groups and family classes available.
Brandon Toomey 

                        *********New For 2017********

The Encounter
When things go wrong.

For far too long the firearms community has considered force on force training to be
"advanced training for advanced students". But everyday ordinary citizens travel out into the world carrying a firearm. What is more advanced than that? A citizen who has decided to take a concealed carry class or open carry's suddenly decides their training is good enough. And  they deem themselves ready for whatever the world presents them.
Perceptive Strategics has developed a new training class where students will process real world scenarios. Here you will find emotional intensities brought to the range that will feel as if you were in a violent encounter.  Students will be involved in situations that will require quick thinking, verbal interactions, and rapid flight or fight decision making. This training will help you develop street smarts by teaching you techniques on how to interact with unknown individuals you may come into contact with.

Experience is always the best teacher. But experience is a terrible way to learn when your life may be on the line. How will you really react when your life or a loved ones life is endangered? What will be the legal ramifications for the decision you made? How can you avoid or de-escalate the situation all together? How will the skills you've learned play out in a real life scenario? These are all questions that will be pressure tested and answered during the course.

Requirements and gear necessary for this course:

  • You must show proof of a prior CCW course and have prior understanding of how to deploy a       handgun from a holster.
  • You must wear several layers of loose clothing. An under shirt with loose sweat shirt, or jacket such a carhart is acceptable. Jeans or cargo pants with a base layer will be acceptable for the lower half of the body.
  • You MUST wear a protective cup
  • Mechanix impact gloves or an equivalent that protects knuckles and the tops of your hands.
  • Bring lots of water or other means of hydration. You will be wearing lots of layers of clothing during training. And during the summer months you can dehydrate quickly.
  • Bring snacks. And plan on taking an hour lunch mid-day.
  • Sunscreen
  • Lawn chair-you will want a seat to take a rest. And it's much better than sitting on the ground.
  • Perceptive Strategics will provide proper helmets, neck covers, UTM firearms and ammunition. 

Understand this is not a game. If you are found not taking this training seriously you will be told to leave    without refund. While we use non-lethal tools there is an inherant risk of injury should you not take this training seriously. You will feel the UTM marker rounds hitting your body during training.  

This is a demanding 8-10 course
This class will be held rain or shine
Expect to get dirty
Cost :$275